Sports Supplement Law

Sports Supplement Law:

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The world of sports supplement manufacturing is extremely perilous: FDA regulations, DHSEA compliance, and state manufacturing laws can all be confusing. Numerous pitfalls can wreak havoc on a supplement company, turning a million dollar product into a million dollar liability. That is where the legal guidance of J. Clark Baird comes in.

  • Want to know how to maintain the confidentiality of your proprietary blend?
  • Need to find out if your pro-hormone is legal?
  • Insure that your manufacturing process complies with all state and federal regulations?
  • Want to make sure your online agents and reps don’t slander a rival company, and guarantee  that you are not liable if they do?

J. Clark Baird is a licensed attorney with extensive experience in both civil litigation and criminal defense. Mr. Baird knows how to navigate the confusing world of state and federal agencies, including: the FDA, the DEA, the US Attorney General’s Office, state attorney general’s offices, the US Marshall Service, and the US Postal Service. Whether you are start-up supplement company trying to obtain GMP manufacturing certification or a major vitamin manufacturer dealing with an FDA hearing, J. Clark Baird has the legal expertise necessary to resolve your issues.  Whether you have litigation in state or federal court, J. Clark Baird is available across the nation to help your supplement company.

Clark is a long-time supplement junkie, who has combined his legal expertise with his love of nutritional supplements. Whether it is CLA, l-arginine, DHEA or creatine, Clark uses an extensive array of supplements and keeps himself on the cutting edge of research.  He has maintained an active internet presence on all of the major supplement-based and bodybuilding websites, insuring that he is always at the forefront of developing trends within the industry. J. Clark Baird combines professional excellence with a personal passion to insure that your company and its products are our first priority.

Innovative new companies on the sports supplement scene are choosing J. Clark Baird for their legal counsel. Trailblazers in the supplement industry have insured their companies’ futures by retaining J. Clark Baird. Whether you produce pro-steroids, energy drinks, bulk powders, multi-vitamins, or complex proprietary blends, J. Clark Baird can assist you. Don’t let your company “fly blind” any longer: protect your company and your products!!!!

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